The Horror Of It All

It’s all going to the dogs. Everything is more heinous, more amplified, more disgusting. Scams are not in the hundreds of crores, they’re in the hundreds of thousands of crores. Politicians are not dimwitted, they’re fuckwitted. Sycophancy has made way for a disgusting pride filled slavery. Outrage has ceased to be meaningless and now has a veneer of fashionable impotence. Normalcy was once forced, but is now looked forward to with an anticipation that expedites it as much as it wants it.

The bone-chilling gang rape of a girl in Delhi has caused the entire country to unite for a common cause that, like corruption, goes beyond the petty boundaries of religion, class, race. And yet even in our unity, we remain selective. We choose not to highlight the horror of a four year old toddler who was raped, killed and thrown on the railway tracks. We choose to put our tears on display to perfection. The Delhi CM cried in an interview over this girl’s miserable plight. And yet her office also granted parole to a convicted killer who thought a girl’s life was only valuable if she served him drinks. For every Aarushi that became the poster girl for candle light vigils, a thousand more were lost in the same ashes they were born in, without any mention in as much as an obituary.

I tweeted that the rapists should be castrated to make them understand what ‘loss’ means, what it means to feel ‘powerless’. Will that really work? I’m just treating the symptoms. This wasn’t the first gang rape. It won’t be the last. It’s not about setting sights on a perceived weakling and taking advantage. The real animal lies in the BELIEF that you can do so. It lies in the CONVICTION that you have the right to. It lies in the FACT that you can do what you want and get away with it.

Men believe they can overpower a girl because they’re brought up as the stronger sex. Before they prove it, they’re told they hold the power and position of being the stronger ones. Those who are also taught the responsibility behind it grow up to become the cleaner face. Those who feed that power ultimately become its slave and morph into the vulgar face. It doesn’t stop there. The minute a son sees a father insulting his wife, talking trash to his sister or daughter, disrespecting his mother, he’s convinced his power gives him the right to behave and act as he pleases. That it’s his right to treat the women in the house a little better than slaves and to keep them under his thumb. That’s when things start getting ugly. He looks around and sees a system run by the corrupt. He sees that the police are the ones people actually need protection from, that they’ll sell themselves for a wad of notes stuffed in their pockets and mouths. He sees that even if he ‘may’ get arrested for his actions, he will be released on a paltry bail, he might pressurize the victim to drop the case, or in the worst case scenario, the case will take ages in the sewers of our rotten Justice system. The comfort of these facts is the steroid he needs to break free. The animal is unleashed.

And then there are the cynics. Oh God the cynics. Those aspiring stand-up comedians on twitter who think they’re the Superman of wit and humour. Who think that anything and everything can be made fun of. Who in their infinite wit and wisdom do not know that boundaries exist and need to be respected. Sometimes I genuinely wish harm on these jokers. I want them to be subjected to similar conditions and find humour in it. They’re joined by those doubters with a perennial question about intentions, actions and outcomes. The kind of people who take up the easiest job of demotivating those who believe. The kind of sadists who plant seeds of doubt in others’ minds and nurture them into poisonous fruit bearing vines.

One of these days it will come to a point where a single act will start a chain of event, a domino tipping another and shaping a pattern that will change the face of this nation forever. What face emerges, the cleaner or the vulgar, will depend on where you and I are at that moment, when we reclaim our country from these dogs. And we will have to be in the thick of the action because we’re accountable to our children, and their children too. Because sooner or later, they’re going to ask a single question with tears in their eyes that we better have an answer to.

They’re going to ask us how the hell did we fuck up so bad?



2010. The Year That Was.

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You may say that I’m a dreamer…but…

Lectures are always boring for me. I’m not blaming the profs or the course or the subject, but somehow my attention span falls short by just 70 minutes, of the 75 minutes of a lecture. So I let myself wander into distant lands, racing F1 cars, playing soccer championships, hiding in a dense shrubbery and providing sniper cover to the troops… there are other things I do too…like romancing my lady for example, which are… ahem!! quite unparliamentary to discuss here 🙂 . The point is, I day dream a lot, I paint these illusions of grandeur, of better things than are present, of idealistic scenarios.

And then comes a reality check… a wake up call. It may be a piece of chalk hurled at me by the prof, which 11 times out of 10, finds its target. (my maths is inversely proportional to the prof’s aim…) or even worse, it may be a question I’m required to answer. (This is really humiliating, I’d rather take an iron chalk than a question). But these reality checks are a means of returning back to life, to keep my feet firmly on the ground and take care of things that need to be done in order to keep me where I am, and take me where I want to go. I got to do what I have to do, and its no use dreaming big if I can’t take care of the here and now… or is it?

You gotta dream, dream big, dream small, dream clean, dream filthy, but dream. These aren’t new words to any of us out here. But these are powerful words because they accomplish what no government or religion can accomplish. They liberate our mind. We become anyone, anything we want to. We fight our demons, we get rid of them. We fight the mightiest enemies, the cleverest generals, the deadliest diseases and yet emerge victorious. We never fail because we never dream that way.

I’m not gonna comment on dreaming of what you want to become. That is a different issue altogether, and my simple point here is to let your mind wander. To do what it wants to do, what it wants to become, to be, to achieve. So what if you cannot realistically achieve those things??? So what if it’s absurd??? So what if you are wasting your time dreaming all these things???

There was this guy who had developed a limp over the last 2-3 months. One day a colleague asked him the reason, and he replied, ” I’m wearing a pair of shoes one size too short.”

“Why?”, asked the colleague.

“My wife left me 3 months ago, I’ve a son who’s fallen into bad company, my boss is setting me unreachable targets and I’m being made the scapegoat for the third time in as many months.”

“What has that got to do with the size of your shoes?”, asked the bewildered colleague.

“The only time of the day I really feel good is when I go home and take off these shoes. It the only time when I dream of better things to come, of better days ahead.” sighed the man, and walked away.

Why did I share my thoughts? I got the wake up call of my life, and though I was keeping it on snooze… I think I have to wake up now…


There’s a place for me afterall….

Got placed with Satyam Computers yesterday. I was interviewed in the morning and the results were out by 8.30 p.m. or so. I wasn’t a mad rush I felt then, but yes deep down inside, I’m satisfied.

This is for my parents who dreamed big for me, who gave me everything they could to make  me capable for this moment, who had faith in me when I had none, and who believed in me when I did nothing but sulk and question myself. None of this would have been possible without them. Thanks guys.

My sister, my grandmother and my family and friends were the ones who motivated me to keep going and never look back or cry over lost opportunities and missed chances. I am truly grateful for this and every other thing that they did for me.

I know by now you must be thinking, “Why the hell is this guy giving a speech like he’s just climbed Mt. Everest ?”. The answer is, I’ve not. I’m just at the first summit of Mt. Everest. But even coming this far takes what I was given by the people mentioned above.

For all that you mean to me guys, thanks a lot…



Thought of a poem while sitting idle in class… hope you guys like it…

To an ordinary person,
dreams are but flashes
projected by a subconscious mind.

To a dreamer, they are his world,
a horizon, a challenge.
They are hope, faith, ecstacy.

They are fear, doubt, frustration,
a questioning of his limits,
a mockery of his abilities.

To an ordinary person,
dreams occur when he sleeps.
To a dreamer, he awakens
when he dreams.

To an ordinary person,
dreams are anamolies.
To a dreamer, dreams are opportunities.


The truth behind the Customer Relationship in India…

We may have progressed as a services economy in recent years, thanks to the I.T., B.P.O and K.P.O sector as well as other service industries like Aviation and Cellular telephony, but when it comes to actually serving the customers, the ground reality is very different. There are plenty of experiences my friends and I have had to support this argument. Just today I had gone to my cellular service provider’s office and I was shocked to see a large crowd of customers waiting there with only 3 customer service executives on their desks out of the 10 desks present. The manager’s cabin was empty and there was an irate customer who wanted to give an application but was not able to meet the manager.

When i came to office, i found my colleague having a horrible time explaining an executive over the phone about how she was given some completely different information over the phone and that she was being charged for her cell bill on some other plan. She was really frustrated at the lack of proper communication skills of the executives talking to her and the misinformation being conveyed.

There are may such incidents which do tell that when it comes to really serving people, we have a lot to learn. The crux of any services company lies in customer satisfaction. And that is possible only it is really committed to serve people, and not just ‘provide’ a service.