अब नींद नहीं आती तो थोड़ा धड़कन को सुन लेता हूँ,
मैंने दिल में माँ की लोरी छुपाकर रखीं है |
सर्दी में ओढ़ लेता हूँ एक पुराना कंबल,
मैंने माँ के आँचल की गरमाहट बचाए रखीं है |

माँ के आशीर्वाद से बड़ा फ़ायदा क्या?
माँ की नसीहत से बड़ा क़ायदा क्या?
मंदिर के तीर्थ में कहाँ मिलता है अमृत
मैंने माँ के आँसुओं की नमी बचाए रखीं है |

कौन बताए सही ग़लत किस राह पर चल पड़े?
कौन बताए दुश्मन दोस्त जिससे हम लड़ पड़े?
खामोशी की चीख़ हो या शोर में सन्नाटा
मैंने जेहन में अब भी माँ बसाए रखीं है |




Takes you places.

Places you’d rather be and places you don’t want to see.

Places of your dreams and places that make you scream.

Places dark with a ray of light, places bright with a storm in sight.

Places you never want to leave, places real yet so make-believe.


Changes you.

For better and for worse, without a chance to rehearse.

Makes you a Demon and a God, makes you fight wars uncalled for.

Makes you laugh in your misery, makes you cry when you’re happy.

Makes you a saint. Makes you a sinner.  Makes you lose all and still be a winner.


Kills you.

Drives a knife in your spine and kisses you a sweet kiss goodbye.

Squeezes your heart dry and leaves you to die.

Rips you apart from a gaping bullethole to leave you a corpse without a soul.

Makes you hate life and welcome death. Makes you pray for your final wreath.




Death Be Not Proud

Death be not proud
There are those who conquer You.
For it’s foolish how You think You own
Souls who have stopped fearing.

While you cast Your unseen shadow
Over the unsuspecting heads of peasants,
Your naivety never lets You realise
It’s but a moment’s clarity to salvation.

A body that gives up the fight
But a mind that stays sharp to the end
Is always invincible even in defeat
For You’re not mighty enough to break it.

So live in Your delusion while You break hearts
And celebrate Your false victories
You are but an urn full of ashes
About to be scattered on their next journey.



When I’ve wisened with age,
and the past seems to be full of mistakes,
my heart still cringes at the thought of that one mistake
that I wish had remained uncorrected.

When I’ve been places,
and have lost track of where I began,
my mind still wanders off at the scent of wet earth
to that playground that made my childhood.

When I’m done counting scars,
and wiped off the tears that rolled while counting them,
a stubborn tear refuses to leave my eyes,
because that one beautiful scar was worth every drop of blood shed.

When I’m all alone,
and silence has the loudest noise in the room,
a little voice echoes in your ear,
and tells me there is one soul who still prays for me.

When life takes me down the road I never wanted to go,
and destiny and fate swap places,
a frail, wrinkled hand runs through my hair,
and gives me the strength of mountains, and the lightness of winds.



One Little Heart

Random noise of an empty mind…

So much to do, so little time.
So much to yearn with one little dime.
So much to save, so much to spend.
But just one little heart that cant be mend.

So much to remember, a life to forget.
So much to be proud of, and lots to regret.
So much to fear, much more to endure.
But just one little heart that cant stop a tear.

So many values left unused.
So many mistakes and a single excuse.
So many feelings and a handful of words.
But just one little heart that can’t be heard.

So much to say in a single breath.
So many graves to cover in a wreath.
So many virtues in a life lived in vain.
But just one little heart that can’t love again.



Turn your back on me, will you?

I want to see how far you can walk

without faltering or looking back. If you can,

something rubbed off you, when you were in my arms.


Turn your back on me, just let me see

How long you fight your tears

while keeping a straight face. If you can,

you took something from me, when you looked into my eyes.


Turn your back on me, I have to know,

That you can live fearlessly without me

and yet care for yourself. If you can,

your heartbeat must have felt mine, when you melted into me.


Turn your back on me, I want to test,

Can my knees hold my weight, my heart endure the pain?

While I knock on hell’s gate. If I can,

It should not be too hard, when I fade into oblivion.



I am…


An Occasional tear, but an ever smiling face,
Let that be my identity.
As lightning strikes and the world cries
While facing adversity.


That I should not relent, nor give up my stand,
Or lose faith in myself.
That I should fall only to get up
With all ferocity.


There is always a way that leads,
To the place I’m destined for.
And while I succeed in reaching there, May I
Retain my humility.


That a day will come with Eternal coldness,
Should someone weep in pride.
While reading my epitaph that says,
“He lived with intensity.”