A Question of Answers

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh,

I congratulate your government on completion of it’s first year in the second term. You have attained that rarefied status in Indian politics of being above the filth and mudslinging that our leaders of the common man are usually practitioners of. Only Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee joins you on that pinnacle, and God knows we could do with some more leaders at such rare heights of character.

But my purpose of writing this letter is not to give you a character certificate. Indeed, I’m too less a mortal to do that. I do have, however, some questions that are bothering me and leaving me with a feeling of helplessness. I shall endeavour to list them down here and would plead that they not be treated as rhetorical.

1. Why did you consult an MP with a claim to the throne of a dynasty over the issue of Sugarcane subsidy when the opposition and farmers had laid siege to Delhi? Were you perhaps, waiting for a final word from the future High Command? Does this in turn mean that you, being the leader of the people, are instead accountable to someone else?

2. The food inflation has been sucking the common man’s blood for the better part of an year now. There is a widespread opinion that the Public Distribution System has collapsed. Tonnes upon tonnes of foodgrains are rotting in warehouses, which is causing artificial inflation and further adding to the common man’s woes. The Agriculture Minister has been a total failure and yet is stubbornly not accepting any responsibility.

In such a case, don’t you feel that in the interest of the nation that you serve and lead, it might be wiser to give that responsibility to someone who can perhaps REALLY work for the people of India?

3. Why does the Home Minister of India, the second most powerful person, entrusted with our internal security, state that he has a ‘LIMITED MANDATE’ in tackling the Maoist threat? Why does he need to come to you asking for a bigger mandate? And if he doesn’t already have a bigger mandate, then why is he incharge of the situation?

4. Despite of actionable evidence of MPs lobbying for juicy portfolios, and subsequent scams that seriously hamper our growth potential, why are they still retaining their portfolios?

5. Why are certain political party leaders allowed to go on a statue erection rampage, splurging crores of Rs. in states that lack basic amenities, and not held accountable by the Central Government?

6. Why is there no watchdog over an extremely unethical, powerful, biased, bullying media?

7. What makes the External Affairs Minister of Pakistan arrogant enough to claim that India came on its knees to plead Pakistan to start talks again, post 26/11?

8. What made you give a statement in the press conference that you’ll step down if it is decided that Rahul Gandhi should lead?

I assure you, there are a lot of other questions haunting a good many of us. As a citizen, I look up to the Government of India as the most powerful Institution. And one that has carried this power with the utmost responsibility. But looking at the past year, I have come to believe that this government is not really in control over the nation’s affairs.

I would like nothing better to see you put your foot down firmly and ACT. Not to save your government, not to stay in power for another 4 years, not to please the high command or the heir of a dynasty who revels in photo opportunities to flaunt his concern for the downtrodden.

I would like you to ACT for the commonest of the common, because we, as a nation, NEED you to.

A citizen of India



6 thoughts on “A Question of Answers

  1. interesting views..
    just one suggestion… change the header image… its visually disturbing n unnecessary

  2. Like the questions… very relevant, and very important to our nation. nice to know u have an eye for the details.

    Especially the 6th one… a watchdog for the media… now thats a brilliant idea… indeed why not, if u have watchdogs for the telecom, stock exchanges, etc… the media is after equally if not more powerful in this day and age as these other industries…

    Though I am no one to answer, here’s my “opinion” – about Rahul Gandhi. We may not live in a monarchy anymore, but unfortunately we are still taught to obey and follow the king (and his son) without question. which isn’t a bad thing by itself if that king is working for his subjects, but has disastrous consequences in this case.

    With all due respect to him, i feel MMS isn’t an aggressive personality.. he’s more of a mellowed down person who works behind the scenes… its not in his nature to publicly slam anyone’s behaviour. though it doesn’t mean he should not take remedial actions.

    Apologies for the lengthy comment!

    • Thanks Chaitanya…
      hope more and more of us speak up. We have grown enough to shun divisive, votebank politics and encourage developmental attitudes. And I don’t mind the length, tone or words of comments, as long as they are relevant and sincere πŸ™‚
      Do keep dropping by πŸ™‚

      • Though come to think of it, I do not really understand why Rahul Gandhi has gotten into politics. Agreed, he is the family heir, etc. but didn’t he mention that he isn’t interesting in it?

        Or was the lure of the money, power and fame too tempting?

        Now, why should he get drawn into this dirty game which has seen his dad and granny get assassinated?

        Though given the fact that he has joined the game, there are two outcomes – good and bad. Good being him doing some good to the country, and trying to clean up the system. Bad being making it worse. After all, Rajiv Gandhi did have a vision for the country. Apparently he was the one who predicted the importance of computers and their future impact, and was instrumental in introducing computers to India.

        I just hope he makes it a cleaner and more honourable profession than the current mess it is. If he does, more youngsters will be motivated to join it.

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