The Chase

The evening breeze disheveled his hair, or what was left of it, making him smoothen it with an irritating frequency. His loose spectacles slid on his nose, and kept sliding, annoying him further. The humidity on the beach formed a thin layer of oily mist on the glasses, blurring things, but he didn’t mind. He intently kept watching a dog furiously trying to catch his tail. Something in that circus touched him.

The dog stopped abruptly, sensing something was watching him. He looked at him, neck tilted to the side, as if to say, “Yo human! anything I can do for ya? You seem pretty interested watching me catch my tail.”

The man smiled to himself, as if to say, “I started young, full of life and energy and the hope that I’ll be what I’ve ever dreamed of. I moved across cities in pursuit of work that interested me and paid well. I made those cities my home, to the point that I actually missed them when I left. Every moment of my living time was focused at achieving something, adding something to my cart.  I made everlasting friends, fell in love, broke hearts, attracted some people, repelled others. And yet that chase, that single-minded pursuit was towards achieving more with every step I took.”

“Now when I look back, it all seems so pointless. I remember my time spent in every city I lived, and yet the city I was born in, the city I grew up in, has faded from my memory. I grew branches, but lost my roots. The hearts I broke found others to mend them back, and I marched on, never thinking of a day when I might need the warmth of one. The cars I drove have become obsolete, the once up-market area where I lived is now a common street. The gadgets I once flaunted are now lying in some junkyard. The ones that replaced them are too advanced for me to use. Or rather I’m too challenged to use them. My body aches and rebels every morning I wake up and try to get out of bed. The biggest challenge for me is to get a good night’s sleep because the only thought in my mind never lets me rest.

I always kept running thinking happiness was just round the corner. Now I know I was running in circles.”



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