Of Ends and Beginnings

After 16 months of some great work, a lot of idling around, living through the biggest scam in Indian corporate history day by day, loving idly wada dosa sambhar and tamarind rice, saying ‘Tamil teriyaad’ countless times…here I am, bags packed and ready to put Chennai behind me. There are mixed emotions as I write my last post from Chennai. Happy that I’m going home, scared a bit now that I don’t have a job anymore, sad because I’ll be away from some amazing friends and food 😛 , relieved that the turmoil of an uncertainty is behind me, anxious to find a footing again soon, panicky because I’m staring at another uncertainty in its face.

It’s way too cliched to say that Time passes away too quickly for us to stop and think about everything. But it does, and leaves us the choice of running along with it or getting dragged all the way. To be honest, neither of these is a choice anyone of us would prefer, and therefore, ironically we’re left with no choice but to choose.

I for one always believed in procastinating. I gladly let time decide for me, and most of the times, it worked. Time kept eliminating options for me, and all I had to do was go with what remained. It’s easy to live in denial that way, and be ignorant of the possibilities that could have been mine, had I decidec to choose for myself. But this is something I can live with, so be it. Maybe I’m on of those who let Time drag them along.

So the fact remains that the time has come to make a few choices, start something new (don’t think of any products people, not my intention here! 😀 ), leave the end behind, begin again.

Perhaps Robert Frost’s lines will make all the difference.

‘Two roads diverged in the woods…



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