The Forsaken

Sunshine left me the other day,

in the wake of a cold, dark night,

I made a roof of glass to see, if

It comes back. But it never did.


Warmth crept away from inside the blanket,

and left me freezing on a summer’s day,

The blanket is folded neatly now, waiting

for warmth to cling to it. But it never did.


Happiness was not too different,

and took away my smile too.

I laugh a hollow laugh now, just

to check if it reconsiders. But it never did.


I know the reason was that you left,

And promised to come back soon again,

I ask my mind to listen and keep busy, and

not think about you too much. But it never did.




4 thoughts on “The Forsaken

  1. sunshine never left u, perhaps u it faced your back
    it tried so hard to reach you…
    when you were lost amonst the thoughts so dark!!!!

    hey, i loved your reading, m no body to judge your writting, but its somewhat pensive as i guessed!
    i appreciate your writting, liked it!!!
    really neat work ….

    • thanks dishedwords… hey as my blog says… ‘Its whatever you want it to be. Perceptions don’t matter.’
      do you also reside on wordpress??? do drop by occasionally… and also share your blog link…

  2. wel ys i’m at
    although havent written much yet, kinda secretive about my writing 🙂
    i’l certainly go through ur web page …

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