Tears of Shame

It’s more than 2 months now since terror found a new form in India. We were still ignorant of that form in other nations, and we (as always) chose to rest assured that terror will always strike in the  “conventional” ways of bomb blasts and attacks on Indian Armed Forces in the valley.

So when the terrorists struck, we were royally unprepared for their welcome. And what followed is etched in everyone’s mind with innocent blood lost in those 60 hours. The repercussions in the Indian corridors of power and their echoes from across the border are just coded messages that keep telling each other to continue fooling the people and carry on the blame game.

I feel ashamed when I realise that the Mumbai Police, the first forces to respond, were armed with rifles from the second world war era. I feel ashamed when Arnab Goswami failed to realise the big picture behind the media black-out, and instead of co-operating with the authorities, began shouting on his news channel ‘Times Now’. I feel more ashamed when I saw all the news channels were more prompt and eager to flash the words ‘EXCLUSIVE’ and ‘BREAKING NEWS’, than finding ways of helping the forces. I feel ashamed when Arnab Goswami kept repeating the words ‘Times Now’ at the end of every 2nd sentence. I feel ashamed that Chief Ministers “visited” the Oberoi and the Taj and pompously announced money for the martyr’s families, under heavy security cover, thinking that the people really cared if someone killed them. But most of all, I really feel ashamed of my government’s inability to take any concrete steps, while Pakistan Air Force did sorties over their cities as a threat to us.

There was a terrific sms doing the rounds, stating that the commandos who protected the people and killed the terrorists were non-marathis, as were the two martyred commandos, Major Unnikrishnan and Hawaldar Gajendra Singh.

Uhh… just wanted to make a small point in that reference…

The remaining 12 were marathis, and one of them took a spray of bullets from an AK-56 rifle in the chest while fighting armed with the ancient 303s and simple lathis, but held on to it so that his partner on the scene could nab Ajmal Amir Kasab.

I believe we would have done better without that sms, because, by sending out this sms we ultimately fell to the level of the politicians.



One thought on “Tears of Shame

  1. On passing comment.
    MNS has put up poster this year of all martyr’s except the non-marathi ones.

    There is some one who pays the highest possible price they can pay, that is their own life and this is what they get in return. Contempt!

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