25 Seasons Weathered

It’s November 25th, and it’s 5 days after I turned 25. The feeling has not sunk in, because there was none to begin with. For me, there was nothing special or great or depressing or sad or ecstatic turning 25. But yes, there is a satisfaction that I’m earning, I’m financially free, and people think that I’m mature ( God alone knows the truth 😛 ). But all said and done, it was a special day.

It is said that every man should have a check list of things to do and own. And before he dies, this checklist should be completed, all the items in it done and checked. I too have such a list, and I managed to check off one item, meeting all the required conditions. I always wanted to own a 1:12 scale model of a Ferrari F1 car, and wanted to buy it from my own salary. I redeemed that pledge on this 20th, and now I am the proud owner of a Ferrari (OK..so what if its a scale model? It’s still an official licensed product from Ferrari Spa!!!).

My flatmates and friends presented a cool fastrack watch to me. I always thought that a fastrack watch was too good for me to wear, since they come in thick and broad straps, and my forearms and wrists are exceptionally thin. But my friends managed to find one that actually looks good on me. This doubled my joy of finally wearing a fastrack.

I’m not a philosopher or a thinker to jot down what I’ve learned on completing this milestone. but looking back at the road I’ve travelled, I think it was an exceptional road. The travel so far was fun, and more often than not, hard. I’ve had a lot of fellow travelers pushing me on, helping me get up to my feet when I staggered or stumbled or slipped, giving me second chances, but not waiting even for a simple ‘Thank You’ from me. I’ve lost some of them, and it was like the cogs in my wheels broke, and there is no replacement available. Some decided to take different routes, and the decisions were mutual or tearful, but they had to be taken. Some were the obstacles in my way, but God was generous enough to send me more guardian angels than devils. And for this, I’m forever in debt.

What remains now? To walk. With patience, endurance, gratitude, humility, strength, and a smile. To recognise. Threats, opportunities, friends, foes, goodness, evil. To remember. Blessings, blunders, successes, teachings, the past.

To be. Myself.



4 thoughts on “25 Seasons Weathered

  1. hey, reading your posts one ater the other. Realised I have been here before. At 25, I was financially independent too. Mom wanted to mary me off and asked me to consider it seriously. I, on the other hand was confused as to whom I should get married as I was busy falling in and out of love.

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