The Awakening

I wake up feeling very light and cold. A sterile white light is washing upon me, as I slowly open my eyes and see a cold white ceiling. The chill is unbearable. “I’ve gotta be dead to feel like this”, I wonder. Someone taps on my shoulder. He is standing directly under the white light, and I cannot make out his face, a shadow of itself. There are some noises in my ears, but I can’t make sense of those noises. “That’s it!!! I’m dead” I declare, unsure how to react and feel about this all ‘being dead’ event.

Someone again shakes me, but I’m just dazed at the whole feeling. Strange noises fill my ears, and since I’ve determined that I cannot understand them, I ignore them. The voices persist though. I am starting to get pissed off now, but somehow keep my cool. It’ll save me eventually.

I try to backtrack to the recent events. I had come to office at the usual time, with half sleepy eyes and a dead brain. I checked my mails, my blog and the stats, and went to the cafe to have breakfast. The breakfast tasted funny, and I my chest started paining a bit. As I always do when it comes to my health, I ignored it. At 1 p.m. I had my lunch and the pain intensified a bit. I shook it off and returned to my chair with feet of lead. I thought reclining fully on the chair would make me feel a bit comfortable, and so I relaxed. It was then that I blacked out.

“That’s it!!! I had a fatal heart attack.” I observe. I’m waiting for some angel from God’s own heaven to descend upon me to take me to His heavenly court. I somehow sense that he’s standing over me now, and talking to me. “Is this it? Is this the court? So I’ll be tried for all my sins here. But then why am I shaking? I was ready for this day. Wasn’t I?” I’m confused. Somehow the surroundings seem vaguely familiar. “I’ve been here before. Was it in a different lifetime?” My head begins to clear out, and suddenly I’m violently shaken by some force I cannot see.

My head is suddenly crystal clear as things come back to me. I hear familiar voices laughing, and turn my head slowly, only to see that they are my colleagues. I fear the worst for them too. It is then that those words fall on my ears and I jump out of my chair and stand bolt straight.

With a voice as cold as death, and eyes that mean business, my manager says, “We need to talk.”



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