The two years I studied my MBA, ‘Globalization’ was a buzzword. Everyone ranted on about how the protectionist policies that countries set up to protect its domestic industries from superior MNCs were now changing, and the so called ‘Walls’ were being demolished. I also read a wonderful book by Thomas Friedman on globalization in which heΒ explained in great detail why the bringing down of walls, Berlin or otherwise, was an inevitable, if not the best thing to happen.

I started believing then, that walls are not the best thing to build. This is quite debatable I know, but somehow there is this impression that walls are built by people who are inward looking, who don’t want the various invasions that the outside world brings with it. The wall of Sparta, the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall stand testimony to this. I started believing that the more open you are, the more you are with the times. Of course all this was from a very practical and worldly point of view, so I found many examples to support this theory.

What about the walls people build around themselves then? I got an sms once that read, ‘ Sometimes you don’t build walls around you to protect yourself but to see who breaks them down.’ Profound, isn’t it? Is that why we build walls? I don’t know. I know people who appear jovial but are so intense inside they’d scare people away if they were to share that intensity with them. All the time these people are looking for just a single person who has audacity to climb those walls or breach them. But why do they build such impregnable walls in the first place, you might ask. Maybe there were incidents in their past that took them to the brink of losing faith in others, or maybe even in themselves. Those were times when they all battled their personal hells and laboriously clawed their way back to normalcy. Every single time this happened, they put on a layer on that wall, made it just a bit taller. Once bitten, twice shy, isn’t it?

For me, these walls are a self defense mechanism, a way of self preservation. It’s always preached that a person should be expressive, that you should share your demons with others so that they can at least offer you a weapon to fight them, if not take up your fights. People believe that walls will do nothing but stifle you, make you a prisoner of your own intensity. I believe what my professor said once, ‘You have your own weapons, you fight your own wars.’ I believe that sooner or later, everyone will have to fight their demons…ALONE. I believe that there will be a day when no matter how many support systems you have, you will have to cry alone. I believe that the same walls that people call a prison, can be the most sacred sanctum, should YOU choose to believe so.

I believe that no matter how many doors or windows you have, it is your walls that define your home.



7 thoughts on “Walls

  1. Ai Ai Captain..
    cant agree with you more..

    i was pondering with myself on something to write about..
    you just gave me inspiration (okay… in non cliche terms.. i am kinda going to copy ur theme…)

    Sorry about that… πŸ™‚

    very well written

  2. Very good insights into human behaviour. Now I am led to believe that you’re much more suited for psychology than management… πŸ˜›

    Though I’m highly sceptical about it, if you’re in for a dialogue, I’ll take my chances on it; the basic reason why one builds a fortress around oneself is due to the comfort zone one wants to be in always. It is fun to have new relationships, but then the fear of those relations deserting you is much greater than the joys it brings. Maybe due to this, the walls are made so high that people can’t climb in. If they however manage to do so, the high walls would now not let the insider go away and leave the island to bleed in his own blood.

    Might not make much sense in general, but that’s what makes sense to me. What say?

    Hasmukh πŸ™‚

  3. i believe that the walls are usually the gateway to ones soul….so that your own self does not get lost in the transition.
    You tend to protect yourself from all intruders and the imaginary ones too. In my case the imaginary ones become the biggest fear. a saddened heart has no company. no matter where you are, with whom you are!!
    Aint that right???

  4. Wow I agree with Hasmukh too, you sound like you have studied psychology. My take on it is a bit different. More than a defense mechanism, I think it is a test for those who really care. We set up certain hurdles between us and the people who care for us sometimes only too see if they go the extra mile for you, and gain peace from knowing that there are still some, who do that readily πŸ™‚

  5. @ all

    thanks a lot πŸ™‚


    as wavesnsands said, walls are a test. The one who has the tenacity to climb in will not leave you, because he/she wants to be with you forever. So the question of deserting you doent arise. πŸ™‚ Oh and it’s not about any comfort zone either. Its just that some people push others away, and they’re not comfortable always, doing that, but as soon as someone comes close, a defense mechanism kicks in and they push them away. At such times you dont care who wants to break down your walls or be there for you, you just push people away, or as in more cliche terms…
    you enter your shell πŸ™‚

    I still believe that all this pushing people away thing is something you do unconsciously sometimes, its so reflex!
    like almost a knee jerk reaction. I’d say watch ‘Good Will Hunting’ and you’ll be clear.

    didnt get your first line… 😦 sorry

    As a closing comment…
    Imagine what a student of psychology would have written in this post πŸ˜›

  6. Walls are built often to prevent exposure of inner world to the out side world. Sometimes is required sometimes you dont have a choice.

    But I feel no wall exists forever. If its not demolished u have to either makes openings in it. Nor you can have world free of walls, they will just shift themselves redefining the boundaries.

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