Guilt Edged Lives

I am an agitator. Hum like a mosquito in people’s ears and chances are they’ll turn on the other side, but bite them and they’ll wake up to your existence. The best way to capture people’s imagination is to spread unrest, and with national media concerned only about TRPs, all I need to do is break a few bones, burn a few buses and block a few roads. In a country of extremes and of ignorance, I will have to snatch my rights from people who deny me. I will have to take care of my future, because the society I live in cannot do so for me. And when the world lives on opportunism, I will be my share of it. I plead not guilty.

I am a politician. In a land of 33 crore Gods in a single religion, where the people are fundamentally divided, they need a voice to guide them and tell them what is good for them. every herd needs a Shepherd, and I’m just one of many who exist. I speak what people love to hear. I promise what people hope to have, and in the process, I get what people dream about. Power. I’m not a politician, I’m a hypnotist. I mesmerize people with promises of a better tomorrow, and I make them believe that they can fly, and that I’m the only person who can be their wings. I tell them this not only because its a terrific thing to say, but because they actually want me to say it, and in their hearts, they believe me. They trust me and they have blind faith in me. I plead not guilty.

I am a prostitute. I can see those eyes of yours looking at me in disgust and lust. I am the reason your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters can roam freely on the streets. God knows what kind of animals roam in the camouflage of decency in your midst. I am the meat they pluck at, when their tongues crave for blood. Its easy money for me, and people who call me a disease can go to hell. In a world dominated my the “stronger” sex, I was not a volunteer for this trade, neither was I in a position to resist. I don’t blame you all for not coming to my rescue when they dragged me away, because I know that Courage breeds in Lions, not rats. And deep down inside, you are not a Lion. I plead not guilty.

I am an assassin. You might live in a land that preaches non-violence, but the naked truth is simple. Power flows from the barrel of a gun. And I am a specialist at giving power to people who are willing to pay for it, both as seekers and as victims. 100% of all problems are caused by people, and I don’t solve problems, I uproot them at the source. Don’t look at me with indignation, your governments kill more every day, and the people who forge the rules of your society kill even more. Some of you are good painters, some are good singers, some are good dancers…I’m a good killer. I plead not guilty.

I am God. I made humans into something different from other living things for a definite purpose. I gave them intelligence so that they could progress and make this world a better place. I gave them a heart to make sure that this progress is selfless and all-inclusive. I listen to prayers from every breathing soul, and I cry tears of blood. Everyone curses me that I am responsible for people fighting in my different names. That I have deserted my children and I no longer care. That my avatars and my messiahs are nowhere to be seen, to deliver people from the evil that gnaws at them every moment. I am accused of being ignorant, of being heartless, of being unfair and unjust. I am accused of abandoning humanity in its hour of need. Oh! I am accused of so many things!!!

I plead not guilty.



4 thoughts on “Guilt Edged Lives

  1. I bow to thee..

    any word will belittle the praise…

    hats off…
    that was for your style of writing..

    what a way you have put it forth..perfect..
    freak.. i am speechless

  2. u are by far the most eligible guy to write a book…..
    its a treat and a wonderful opportunity to read you thoughts and interpret the turbulance to correct whatever may be not according o you.
    This post is my benchmark…and i am sure i wont be close to it…..ever.
    u rock biiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggg time.

  3. Brilliantly written!! Loved the concept!!
    And yes, just a thought… is there the guilt of common man as well?? which could have been covered?? I am no expert, so just a thought 🙂

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