Devastating Dominance

Dear Aussies,

I daresay you all must be pretty shocked, to say the least. James Hopes in despair and disillusioned at the fall of his wicket was perhaps a snapshot of what your team has become in this series – From world champions to broken down men without an ounce of brain or common sense. How did you manage such a avalanche by yourselves? Don’t you know that the biggest weakness of any person or any team is underestimating others. And that is precisely what you did. You are so proud of yourselves, aren’t you? that you can just sledge and foul mouth your way to victory. I don’t deny that you have some of the most talented players in world cricket today, but then even those players resort to such underhand tactics and that too, off the field!!! What a pity then, that those same players are fucked by their victims!!!  I was so pissed of at all the guys who made fun of Andrew Symonds by calling him a monkey. Why do you have to insult the monkeys? And we in India worship them… this is sheer blasphemy!!!

Symonds, Hayden, Ponting… the bigger they are, the harder they fell (and I mean this both literally and figuratively).

Damn right we don’t have any flair or flamboyance! Damn right we are a team of the unknown and inexperienced! but I think we have taught you some valuable things in this tour. You didn’t win the Sydney test because you played better, we lost of because of some fucking bad umpiring decisions from some of the better umpires on the world circuit. We slit your throat in the Perth test and then filled it with the coarsest salt by winning it, and we DID outplay you there. And puh-lease don’t even get me started on the Tri-Series!!! Shame on you… bloody world champions!!!

Don’t ever make this mistake of cooking up controversies by calling people “obnoxious little weeds”, because rest assured, those same “weeds” have the calibre to pluck you out like feathers on a bird. I’m so happy because the Indian team has finally figured out how to play a game. Play Hard, Play Fast, Play to Win.

Never your’s


P.S. Sorry for the slangs used above. We Indians don’t believe in using such language in a mass medium, but I thought let’s talk to the Aussies in a language they understand.


2 thoughts on “Devastating Dominance

  1. fuck man!! thts a grt post to say d least… u did pour ur heart out.. loved d way u ended it.. if only d Aussie captain cud read it… 😛

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