Raji, one of my good friends, commented on my earlier post of ‘What Love Demands’. To quote her –

‘Time, the only perennial resource God has to offer —- Disagree

No time can heal if we dont want to…. Its not upto time its upto us…’

It got me thinking. And I have something to share with all of you from a book I love the most. It’s called ‘The Rule of Four’. The paragraph goes something like this –

‘Hope, Paul said to me once, which whispered from Pandora’s box only after all the other plagues and sorrows had escaped, is the best and last of all things. Without it, there is only time. And time pushes at our backs like a centrifuge, forcing us outward and away, until it nudges us into oblivion…..
It is a law of motion, a fact of physics that Charlie could name, no different from the stages of white dwarfs and red giants. Like all things in universe, we are destined from birth to diverge. Time is simply the yardstick of our separation. If we are particles in a sea of distance, exploded from an original whole, then there is a science to our solitude. We are lonely in proportion to our years.’

I believe in these lines. I’m not going to discuss here what the author says about solitude or loneliness but I want to explain how I interpret these lines.

We always keep hoping for the things we want or need. All our actions are directed towards a specific end, and we hope to achieve it. This hope is what drives us. The feeling that what I am about to do, the way I am going to act, think, talk, breathe, is going to give me what I want. It keeps us alive and expectant. All human progress would stop, all goodwill would end if it wasn’t for this little feeling that we nourish. And this is the best feeling because it is a saviour of sorts, when we have put our best foot forward, when we have exerted all the force we have, when we have prayed to all the forces… AND God, hope is what remains.

So what happens when we lose hope? We give up. Life loses its meaning, and for a while we just exist biologically. And this existence is due to Time. It is Time that carries us with it, taking us step by step on a rejuvenation process. And what exactly does this rejuvenation mean? It means that with Time, we learn to accept the state of affairs that is. Time helps us find a fresh perspective, a theory or in the worst case, an excuse to explain what went wrong. Even better, as the future unfolds and sublimes into the present, the events that occur with Time tell us why what happened, happened. Its a little complicated but let me put it in simpler words. When we lose hope, we end up sulking and dreaming about what could have been had things gone our way. At that point of time, we don’t know if any other alternatives exist because we are so preoccupied dreaming about what could have been, that we are completely ignorant of other possibilities. Time alone has the power vested by God to show us those other possibilities. And once those alternatives materialize, it dawns upon us that we never bothered to think in this way, to think that the world will continue to exist, that we will get other opportunities in life. This is the fresh perspective I’m talking about. And believe me, only Time can do this.

Sherlock Holmes said that the human mind is like an attic. Now a fool takes in all the useless details and fills this tiny room so that when he needs something, it is at best lost in this attic. The skillful workman is indeed very careful about what to store in that room. It is wrong to think that that little room has elastic walls that can be stretched infinitely. Depend upon it there comes a time when for every bit of information we store, we forget something…. For every bit of information we store, we forget something. Time is what overloads our memory with so many new things and feelings and events and people that we tend to forget what happened in the past. Its why I said that the gaping wounds of the heart becomes scars. If a wound is life threatening, the least it does is leave a scar.

Time lets us exist, it takes us in its cradle and carries us forward and away. Time might be the only thing we have in the absence of hope, but rest assured, Time is the only way we can ever hope again.



9 thoughts on “Time

  1. New at this, but here goes. Don’t we love to
    complicate things. The time we have I think is
    a tool to be used wisely, but what is a wise use of
    time? A question answered by each one of us
    in the end ,we will know then if it was wise or unwise, but maybe we already know. Appreciate
    this oppurtunity to leave a comment.

  2. It is Time that carries us with it, taking us step by step on a rejuvenation process.

    It means that with Time, we learn to accept the state of affairs that is. Time helps us find a fresh perspective, a theory or in the worst case, an excuse to explain what went wrong.


    TIME just keeps ticking and keeps going ahead.
    Its “I” who has to take a step towards rejuvenation.
    If i cry every night hopelessly, i keep cryinng.
    IF i cry every night, but after a few nights “I” say “dats it” ..
    only then “I” stop crying every night.

    With TIME we learn to accept the state of affairs, not because TIME wanted to but because “I” wanted to.

    And if TIME heals, then it just pushes that feeling deep inside, which will keep resurfacing, every now and then, with a pinch of pain.

    Only, “I” can pull it out. And it never reurfaces with pain.

    Believe in the power of “I”.

    “It all starts with a belief”

  3. agree with comment 2. sounds more like a piece of wood floating on the sea. the value of time does.nt compare to the value of character.

  4. @raji

    agree with every word you’ve said…and yet I believe in what i’ve written 🙂
    my thoughts are too overwhelming to put in words… will certainly talk when we meet 😀 😉


    thanks for dropping by again… n grateful u follow things here with such genuine curiosity. May I know your real name please?
    pleasure having you on board… 🙂

  5. Fred Sucharew, pleasure is mine. Thankyou for inviting me, your perspective matters. Visit my blog and leave a comment,please It would be nice to know some one read it, and I’m not sitting here typing alone.Bear in mind I’m not a computerist, so there is much I don’t understand. thank you-fred

  6. @fred.

    eh!!! 😀 was kinda difficult to locate your blog… next time around just leave a link to your blog whenever you comment on anyone’s blog… i’ll surely read your blog…

    nothing like a good read… happy bloggin’ 🙂

  7. Received e-mail, thank you.
    Copy & paste? Remember I have limited
    knowledge. Mostly just surf internet, picked up on a few things like adobe,an rss reader. Use Vista
    basic, windows ie7 microsoft mail ect. runnig a blog on google currently titled distant nation. some
    terms are unclear to me, until recently never was much interested in learning computer techniques.

  8. thanks for a beautiful topic.

    every person is different, his/her experiences are different, his/her abilities to cope differ….

    Take a heartbreak for example..why do people get into relationships? why do they give another person control over their emotions?
    I am sensitive. I react to things emotionally(may it be a heart break or a rude rickshaw-walla). I pondered and mourned and cried for a year maybe, but i got over it. (at least i hope i have) My friend S had to go to a psychiatrist, she couldnt take it . My other friend T moved on so fast that she is visibly healthier and happier now, and has no regrets or complaints.

    So as far as time is concerned, some people need years, others a few weeks. Time is a necessity. But it is not the cure. It ultimately comes down to how much importance you lay down on things that are out of your control anyways. What your priorities are. It is you yourself who has to pick up where you left it, and continue the search for new reasons to live every coming moment. Even 5 years from now i might be thinking of him, but it is up to me to convince myself that i am happier this moment than any moment in the past.

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