The homecoming…

MBA’s over. I reached home early morning on 6th. It feels relaxing to be back home knowing I don’t have to leave for college again in a week. Makes you stretch your legs a bit. Just lie down and wait for things to settle down. You don’t have to unpack in a hurry, start making a list of things to do in 7 days, setting priorities, planning logistics and working out shortest path algorithms on a daily basis.

The last week in college was a blur, but a dream. The exams were the last time most of us were going to write in their life. It was the last time we were going to read academic books, or for that matter ANY books. I never felt a sadness like the one I experienced when I left the campus in a cab. It felt so heartbreaking to leave behind a flood of memories, of moments etched in my memory, of days that won’t ever come back again, of friends that will never be together again.

There are many things I wanted to do one last time, no matter how many times I’ve already been there, done that. That urge and frustration of not being able to do all those things again will probably last a lifetime.

I want to have that one last tea after dinner, with friends sitting in a circle, pulling legs, chatting time away.

I want to play that one last game of table tennis…

I want to have that one last cheese sandwich, that one last makhni maggi…

I want to sleep in the lecture, one last time…

I want to copy paste a project from google, one last time…

I want to go to the dhaba for dinner, one last time…

I want to kick ass on someone’s birthday,

I want to play badminton,

I want to watch the sunset from canteen terrace,

I want to ride out the night, doing a project of which I understand nothing,

I want to race against time, to meet deadlines, only to cross them, or find that they’ve been extended,

One last time, I want to be a free bird, and fly…



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