Truth and Dare…

Wavesnsands tagged me. There is this chain blog going on where you write 10 things you hate about the opposite gender. So wavesnsands wrote 10 things she hates about men, and tagged me so that I can write 10 things I hate about girls. I was dared by greater forces to write 2 things I love about girls. So here’s the truth…

Despite of what people think I am, I respect girls with all my heart. they are far more intuitive than guys can be, and their intuition is usually bang on target. And all said and done, a man’s greatest strength and weakness is a woman. I’ll be drawing a lot of flak from my brethren (especially the MCPs) on this post but some introspection and they’ll all agree with me. You are never just a son, you are a ‘mama’s boy’, you are the apple of your elder sister’s eye, or you are the big bro with the BIIGGG bear hug. Your wife is your driving force and without her, you wouldn’t be as successful as you are. Your daughter is your princess, a pink floating cloud, a breeze so desperately needed on a hot summer’s day. Your grandma is divinity. You may have a lot of guys who’ll stick their necks out for you, fight with you against the world, but you cry your heart out on the lap of that someone special, even if she’s just your soulmate and not your love. And if she’s your love??? well….

So after all this, I have to write things I really really really love about girls. Here goes..

1. Girls are graceful. And it’s absolutely amazing to watch the way they carry themselves. They know the occasion and blend with it so perfectly that you are left awestruck!!! And believe me, no one can carry the colour pink with such grace and elegance as they do. God they look marvelous!!!

2. Hug them and they just fit so perfectly in your arms. They just cuddle up to you so smugly you don’t wanna let go. Ever.

3. The way they call for attention. They love being pampered and the way they demand it, it is the most obvious thing in the world for you to do. There is no way you can even think of ignoring it.

4. The way they get angry and let you set their mood right. Not that they are really angry or something, but they just love it when you bring the world to their feet and let them flash that million dollar smile. You do all this because you absolutely love them when they fret and sit with knitted brows and wait for you to pamper them. And that million dollar smile that signifies they’re happy means the world to you, doesn’t it?

5. How they pamper you when you’re sick. They take total control of your life as if they are generals of an army. And you just have to disobey them. It gives you one more reason to see them get annoyed and then…(read point 4 above 😉 )

6. The way they care for you and can sacrifice everything for you. No one can be more selfless.

7. The way they carry out all that is asked of them without complaining and with such a understanding that it leaves you dumbfounded.

8. Just holding their hand feels so soft, so comforting. It’s a beautiful feeling.

9. The way they blush… need I say anything more???

10. The way they blush when you tell them, ” I know you are not really mad at me.” Only they can say, ” I swear on you I am mad at you…” and blush uncontrollably at the same time.

There are many more things that make girls what they are, and I love them for that and many many more things. The greater forces I was talking about earlier will chide me about this post, saying I wrote it just to please them and that I really don’t mean it. They’d say I was just being diplomatic n stuff like that, to clean my image a bit. But you know what, I really mean every letter I’ve written above, and diplomacy can go f**k itself to oblivion 😀



7 thoughts on “Truth and Dare…

  1. You are very much correct. Girls and meant to be adored!

    Is it possible for u to blogroll me? I have done the same for you.

  2. and yea….. Cute post (well maybe u guys are awry of the word “cute”) ..
    kinda made me smile… although it was for the whole female community..

  3. haha…nice one…have u read chicken soup for the teenage soul by any chance?? you will find a similar list there 😀
    it was very flattering to read…and i believe the greater force will be pleased, howevermuch it might pretend otherwise…
    so…good job…though i still think u took the easier way out 😛

  4. @Su…
    yeah… meet her for any further queries 😛 (one of the greater forces 😉 )

    damn right we guys are awry of the word ‘cute’!!! what else do you expect??? bathe in pink n use the word every 2 seconds???!!! :-O


    naah didn’t read the chicken soup series, though someof the stories appeared in the ‘mind over matter’ section of TOI…
    and yeah i managed an easier way out 😉 now ain’ that something!!!

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