Scorpio Venom…

Things you should know about a Scorpio… (See what Linda Goodman says about this sign…)

1. Scorpios are passionate. They are so intense in their feelings that many a times they scare people away with the power and sheer magnitude of their inner intensity. And they’re not passionate just about love, but about everything that is close to their heart.

1. Scorpios are passionate. They are so intense in their feelings that many a times they scare people away with the power and sheer magnitude of their inner intensity. And they’re not passionate just about love, but about everything that is close to their heart.

2. Scorpios are brutally honest. You ask them what their opinion is, and they’ll give it to you. Point blank. No pretense, no flattery, no diplomacy, just the plain and naked truth. If you are not comfortable with it, don’t ask a Scorpio. Because sometimes, truth hurts.

3. Scorpios are brilliant at camouflage. The only organ that deceives them is their eyes. So if you want to know what they are really feeling inside, try to read those eyes. If they let you read them.

4. Scorpios are totally aware of what they are, and what they are not, and they really don’t have the time to analyze what others’ opinion about them is. So don’t feel bad if you compliment a Scorpio and he/she simply says, “I know. Thanks.” because they don’t mean to be rude, its just that they are already aware of what you have just said and for them its commonplace.

5. Scorpios can be the quintessential Scorpio, who will plan the destruction of their enemy with utmost ruthlessness, and will ensure that the destruction is complete and merciless. They can be the Eagle, who will win over its enemy and leave the battle field after teaching the enemy a lesson he dare not forget. They have that strength and courage to soar high above the worldly worries and frustrations. The last type is the gray lizard, who sulk and withdraw to the dark recesses of the mind, seething with vengeance but not manifesting it. These are the ones who harm themselves instead of the person who has dare crossed their path, but sooner or later, the gray lizards transform into an Eagle or the nocturnal predator. A Scorpio may forgive, but rest assured he’ll never forget.

6. Scorpios push themselves to physical excesses. They always want to test the limit of their own physical abilities and see what is their level of incompetence. For example, they’ll continue burning the midnight oil where none is required, just to remind themselves that they need to be ready for the hour when it is required of them to be at work for extra longs stretches.

7. Scorpios don’t like unanswered questions. There is a perpetual quest in their minds about anything and everything mysterious, like understanding the girl they love, or life and death. It is one of the reasons why it’s said that Scorpios make the best researchers and scientists.

8. Scorpios need to have an extreme self discipline, for it is said that they can tread both the good way and the evil way with equal ease, and they have to put in extra reins to prevent themselves from going down the devil’s way.

9. Scorpios are short tempered, and they are very low on tolerance. They have to practice immense self control from saying anything that will leave a life-long wound, especially when its someone they love like family or friends or partners.

10. Scorpios may seem selfish, but their first and foremost rule says, “Be true to yourself.” They figure that if they’re true to themselves, they cannot be false to others.


“You may charge me with murder- or want of sense (We are all of us weak at times):

But the slightest approach to a false pretence was never among my crimes!”

-Lewis Caroll





19 thoughts on “Scorpio Venom…

  1. Me a Scorpio too. I like the part about the scorpio woman that linda goodman describes..that she freezes some people with dislike and is intensely warm with others whom she likes..she is never neutral…never evenly friendly with everyone..although she holds many secrets, there will the some part of the life which will be marked “Private – Do not enter” to even those that are closest to her

  2. he he he… i know what u are doing here… nudging me into making a “grave” mistake… but sorry… i’m not falling for that…
    i love myself when i’m alive πŸ˜€

  3. This is interesting, I never really looked at this stuff until today….It’s scary accurate though, with the whole grey lizard thingy……November 10th btw…..

  4. Expired milk!!!! the name’s fabulous!!! and whats the real one???

    thanks for hopping on board… do visit again πŸ˜€

  5. Well let me say, all of us Scorpios can lean one way or another. We are in control because that is our nature! But if we don’t pay attention we can become the lizard, and that is not pretty!!!! We are great friends, and as we all know, the best lovers, bit if we change from the eagle to the lizard we start feeling self pity, anger towards other, and so many ugly feelings. DON’T DO IT! We are strong individuals and are passionate about everything, choose your passions, we are strong, and can make a difference, but if we are stupid with our feelings at times and allow let them to change us we become the lizard. I know from experience. I am an eagle, but have been a lizard, trust me, we are great people and leaders once we understand the difference and know what we need to do for ourselves and others.

  6. November 9th just after 10am!
    It’s fascinating reading about your own personality. So true too. Even tho some of it’s nit nice to agree with! We are beautiful people πŸ™‚

  7. This is so real it’s almost scary! Like MzScorpio, I’m an Eagle but was a lizard at one time in my life. There’s no doubt I’ll never back there again….Thank you for stating facts about this fabulous water sign!

  8. There is actually a lot of truth in this. I think I’m going through a lizard phase, can’t seem to snap out of it. You know when you are hurt by somebody you care deeply about, I don’t want to hurt them by getting revenge. A very dark place, but trying to move forward and rise from the ashes.

  9. November 7th here, which also makes me a King of Clubs. Also known as “masters of knowledge”. I’ve studied astrology and other such arts all my life. If you are curious about your birth card and what it means go here. It’s related to astrology and can and should be used in conjunction along with it. The book “Love Cards” goes into deeper detail. Look it up on Amazon. Can’t remember the author off hand but it’s excellent.

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