A lot of Hollywood movies and novels talk about signs from God. You know, a certain event happens, an act or a moment of mysterious origins, and it’s interpreted as a sign that certain things need to be done, or actions need to be taken. I’m baffled. Does God really give us signs? I’m sure His intentions are that of a caring parent looking out for His (please read all the ‘His’ or ‘He’ as ‘His/Her’ or ‘He/She’) stumbling toddler. He wants us to get back on the right track whenever we stray away from it. It’s His way of saying, ” Look I don’t mind you going down that road, but don’t you think this road is wonderful as well? Why don’t you try this road? I bet you’ll reach your destination this way too.” He doesn’t pick us up forcefully and put us on the way HE feels is the best for us. Free Will at work. So we all see signs every now and then, it’s just that we don’t know what to make out of them, and how to interpret them. And God being God, just sighs and says, “Ok! now that you’ve made this choice, let me see how I can help you in the hard times that await you.” And when the situation goes beyond salvage? Well, there is a name on every bullet of His.

But what if the signs are conflicting? Well if not the signs, their interpretations, at least? I mean you don’t expect God to tell you how to interpret the sign as well, do you? It’d be much easier to just explain what He needs us to do, and the consequences of not doing it, and the rewards of doing it. So my point is, how do I know if I’m interpreting a sign correctly or not? Based on my interpretation, I will set sail down a current, and I sure don’t want to end on the edge of the Niagara falls with my sails torn and no backup engines.

Does this mean I have to listen to that God gifted pump that throbs in my left chest called the Heart? I’m not sure I can do that either, because to me the heart is not capable of thinking rationally. It’s more of a warning flag that starts thumping faster if you know what you’re doing is not what is supposed to be done. I don’t agree with people who say that you got to think with you heart. Thinking should be rational, clear and without any emotional bias, which I confess is the hardest task in the entire human existence, but then thats the way it should be. Its perhaps why Sherlock Holmes and Batman don’t really exist. So coming back to the point, how do I know if my interpretations are right or wrong?

There is no answer to this. The best way I can attempt to explain this is ultimately, after thinking things through, you will have to take a decision. How I take that decision is what will determine my future. There is a lot of thinking and intuition involved in this and you have that pump of yours to guide you.

The reason I’m being so verbose is that When I practiced the acid test, I got many conflicting signs and everything was so fuzzy I couldn’t rely on any one sign completely. I was crazy for a long time then, finding out ways to get out of that bog I’d fallen into. Every time I beat around with my hands and legs, I was sucked deeper into it.

I’m still stuck.



One thought on “Signs

  1. I agree with you…
    as in GOD maybe giving signs……. but we interpreting them is crucial..
    and i dont know about rational thinking or illogic… but our rationalizing maybe somtimes be influenced by situations and our own desires….

    well.. nice read

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