I wrote earlier about how Bollywood cannot match up to the creativity and freshness of hollywood, try as we may. I am glad I was proved wrong, though I wish I am proved wrong like this more often. I say this because I saw ‘Taare Zammen Par’ yesterday. And I’d be a humanoid if I say that it didn’t move me.

We really are self centered, aren’t we? I mean, we just refuse to look at something from the other person’s perspective. ‘If he has difficulties, it’s his fault, not mine. My way of doing things is the most feasible way, and If I can do it, why can’t he?’ We just refuse to  accept the fact that ‘individual’ is not just another word in the dictionary, meant to be used  in essays, it means that every person has his identity, and we cannot impose our perspectives on him, just like that. So all we do is try to convince everyone else how and why we are right and righteous, while seldom trying to grasp what the other’s perceptions are.

So here’s this kid, living in the shadow of his genius, but caring and loving big brother, and who has to face the wrath of everyone who expects him to do as well as his big brother. He is the quintessential Calvin, but while Calvin and Hobbes is only about how a first grader looks at life, and what marvelous things keep happening inside that tiny brain, Eshan has to face the vagaries of life, and the expectations levied upon delicate shoulders. All pseudo expectations superimposed on a mind that’s way ahead of it’s time, imagining the universe vividly, moving planets, talking to animals, all the wile absorbing these shocks from people who it believes should love the kid the most.

And what expectations they are!!! The conformist in everyone speaks, the kid should be competitive, ready to face the world, take every challenge head-on, be a man, when all the child needs is some change in the way people look at him. A classic case of what happens in our country, isn’t it? “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, we are asked, and the parrot inside us replies quite instinctively about the glamourous professions that are Medicine, Engineering, and Business. How many sport stars have we lost because they were too busy trying to study when all that was going inside their head was about the football practice they missed that day? In our schools, creativity is like our lunch boxes, to be taken out only during recesses, and then kept inside, whether we want to have more of it or not.

There is this notion that there is security and stability in these professions, which the sport world does not offer. While this is true to a large extent, all the proponents of this argument should understand how the corporate world works today, where a large number of engineering graduates end up, and what is the condition of an M.B.B.S pass-out. They’ll be disillusioned big time!!! I really wish we all can think a little off the track and let the young explore uncharted waters. Let them break free, do what they feel they’re the best at, at least in their formative years. I do believe that this will do them a lot of good when they end up in any profession, because their minds won’t be boggled down by structured theories and preconceived notions about everything. I hope ‘Taare Zameen Par’ is able to achieve it’s purpose. But then again, I’m reminded of a great quote I read somewhere,

‘The most futile cry of man is his wish to be understood. His attempt to understand, perhaps, even more futile.’



2 thoughts on “Mavericks…

  1. Oh i love the quote in the end. And hey i wrote abt taare zameen par too!! The movie is so absorbing and yet simple that anyone would feel like telling the world abt it!

  2. i havent yet seen the movie.. so my comment is not about the movie…

    but isnt it a competetive world???? Dont we need to make a living….

    i agree bottling creativity is a crime in itself….

    but can we survive without making a living…

    i may sound shalllow… but it boils down to it…….

    just look at the many talents at any reality show… some are reallly good…….. still they get nothing out of it..

    understanding an individual is necessary……… but from parents perspective, they want their child to be secure… and i guess nothing rong if they feel that way ( i havent seen the movie.. no comments about it)

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