Of God, e-mails, and destiny…

Got another one of those send-this-to-‘n’-people-in-‘t’-time-or-else mails and left me wondering for a moment. All the things in life that I couldn’t achieve, all that I’ve lost, all the bad luck that happened to me, was it because I never forwarded a simple email to the required number of people (or even worse, delete it) ? On the flip side, whatever I achieved, the good things that happened to me and my successes and accomplishments, were NOT a result of my hard work, my skills and talents and the faith of people in me?

Since when did God invade cyberspace? And more importantly, why did He feel the need to do so? I bet He has some inferiority complex that we spend more time online than thinking about Him. Come to think of it, that’s actually a nice way of promoting yourself, especially when you are ‘Omnipresent and Benevolent’!!! So the best way that you can call for attention is by instilling fear in people’s minds. That’s the way terrorists operate, by the way…

I believe God is too nonchalant to restore to such tactics to interfere in our lives and play with our destiny. And He has much more potent tools to make us bend to his wishes. He never does that. He wishes us to think for ourselves, what is good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral. And once we’ve decided that, He just says ‘Tathastu’. That’s the concept of ‘free will’. And I believe God never created us so that He could always appraise our performance, give us a bonus when we were good and cast a spell of bad luck and ill fortune when we weren’t his favourite. Because believe me, He HAS no favourites and He never thought about wasting time defining ‘Good’, ‘Bad’, ‘Right’ , ‘Wrong’ etc. That would make the world so procedural, to say the least. And all the scriptures that talk about God were written by us, so they can hardly be said to be the last word on the subject, because I doubt that when it comes to the subject of God, no one and everyone is an authority.

I believe in Destiny. I believe that whatever choices I make, the decisions I take, brings me closer to achieving what I was set out to do. It was decided that I will reach some ultimate destination in life, before I was even born. I don’t know as of now what that destination is, and this is what makes me apply my knowledge, experience, awareness and intuition to decide and choose. In it lies my justification of being human. I don’t think deleting or forwarding emails is going to help me much.

Had I the ability to predict the future, fulfilling my destiny would have been the most mundane of tasks.

So that brings us back to the subject of these email forwards. Even after writing all these philosophical things, rest assured I won’t delete that email ๐Ÿ˜€ !!! I won’t forward it to others for sure, but I won’t delete it either.

All said and done, people probably forward such emails hoping for miracles to happen in their lives, and miracles have a tendency to occur at places where there is a high degree of hope. And besides, whatever be the instrument or vehicle, what is being spread is hope and faith and God.

I’d be the devil’s agent if I stopped this from happening.



2 thoughts on “Of God, e-mails, and destiny…

  1. I bow my head to thee…..

    Dude i never knew..rather never fathomed you can write so well….. and in a very intriguing and captivating kind of way..

    i bow my head to thee..

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