Singing in the moonlight…

The papers claimed that the full moon on Thursday night was the brightest of the year. This is not the point I’m gonna discuss here. On Thursday was also what we Maharastrians call the  “Kojagiri Pornima”. Nope… I’m not going to discuss that either. Read on…

Well I’m in Nagpur now, came to visit my uncles and grandma. So on Thrusday night, my uncle, aunt, my cousins and me were having hot badaam milk on the terrace. My aunt requested everyone to sing and so my cousin, my uncle and me sang a few songs in Hindi and Marathi. My uncle and cousin sing really well so it was a treat for the ears. But this is not my point at all…

I missed someone… none of you guys reading this will know who I’m talking about. You dont know her, and you can’t break me so don’t even try. This goes for talli as well… It would be so perfect to have her in my arms on that night, with the moonlight falling on her, magnifying her beauty. The chill in the air would draw us closer and we’d never let go of each other. Even while singing, I was imagining all this. But then, facts are facts and reality is what we have to face.

This is as close to love as I’ll possibly ever get. None of my friends would ever call me a guy who’d go out of his way to woo girls and win over one’s heart… ( for the last time, I’m straight!!!). I dont know whether I can have her or not, and I’m not willing to find out either. Fear of failure, you might call it, but I’m not trying. Its the only way I can possibly survive.

After reading all this, you will be thinking about the point of writing all this. The point is this…. nothing. Sometimes when you cannot control yourself and reason leaves for a vacation, you either find someone to talk to (rest assured that person gets bored to death) or you write.

I chose the latter option.



5 thoughts on “Singing in the moonlight…

  1. well.. i guess this moonlights, rains, beaches, or just the teddy bear you snuggle at night when you are feeling weirdly happy make you miss that somone…

    atleast it makes me…

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