Mclaren who???

Remember when Alsonso had won his first world championship, the back of the t-shirt of a Renault mechanic read ” Schumacher who???”. Well, well, well… how tides turn and time flies by…

We won. No, we won emphatically… Sorry, we annihilated Mclaren to the point that they were more humiliated than saddened by their defeat yesterday. Mclaren were bleeding long before they came into this race, and no matter what the outcome, there would still be those scars that would remind them of how undeserving they were. Let’s count the injuries first…

1. Mclaren went back to the Aryton Senna Alain Prost era when the so called “rookie” began to consistently outshine and outperform the champion. And being the cry baby that he is, this didn’t go down well with Alonso. Ron Dennis had a tough time managing the internal affairs.

2. Things got ugly when there were allegations that the team mates were trying to sabotage each other’s races and chances to win the championship. Yikes!!! you call THAT a team? someone please lend them an Oxford Dictionary…

3. Oh! and just for the record, Mclaren were driving a stolen car this year. Pity, Pity!!! they couldn’t win even then! The thing is that I’ve always maintained that if someone has some secrets of a rival (and especially when it’s your arch nemesis), there’s no way he won’t use that secrets to gain an advantage over the rival. Mclaren did the same. So their plea that the information was used without the knowledge of the team didn’t wash with the court and they were stripped off the constructors’ points and a $100 mn fine. Way to go fellas!!! you are setting good examples for everyone to follow!!!

4. Yesterday’s race itself was a brilliant piece of racing with Ferrari painted all over it. The  class start by Massa and Raikkonen. Hamilton losing 2 places at the first curves, then sliding wide and losing some more places, then suffering from some problem and getting pushed back to 18th. It was just too good… the men from Maranello went about their business with a clockwork precision and the drivers drove with authority and signed the entire track with their fastest laps, one after the other.

The result was plain and awesome. I wonder when the parties in Italy will end. And next year it gets better, it will be a 3 man, 3 team race, because Alonso will be back at Renault, I’m sure.

You what the insult to all these injuries was??? The Ferrari’s lapped the Mclaren of Lewis Hamilton.

Proud to be a Tifosi!!!!





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