There’s a place for me afterall….

Got placed with Satyam Computers yesterday. I was interviewed in the morning and the results were out by 8.30 p.m. or so. I wasn’t a mad rush I felt then, but yes deep down inside, I’m satisfied.

This is for my parents who dreamed big for me, who gave me everything they could to make  me capable for this moment, who had faith in me when I had none, and who believed in me when I did nothing but sulk and question myself. None of this would have been possible without them. Thanks guys.

My sister, my grandmother and my family and friends were the ones who motivated me to keep going and never look back or cry over lost opportunities and missed chances. I am truly grateful for this and every other thing that they did for me.

I know by now you must be thinking, “Why the hell is this guy giving a speech like he’s just climbed Mt. Everest ?”. The answer is, I’ve not. I’m just at the first summit of Mt. Everest. But even coming this far takes what I was given by the people mentioned above.

For all that you mean to me guys, thanks a lot…



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