A salute to unquestioned support…

As you might have guessed, the placement session is on. Smartly dressed graduates are running helter-skelter from room to room, attending pre-placement talks, taking part in GD’s, crowding near notice boards to see who has been shortlisted, waiting anxiously outside rooms to get interviewed and then going back to their rooms, happy because they got a job, dejected because they didn’t or just exhausted because the process is not over and they’ll have to turn up again tomorrow morning.

None of us has the time to think about a different pairs of legs scurrying here and there as promptly as a student runs for a GD. These people are also smartly dressed, are very prompt in action and talk little and never question what has been asked of them. I am talking about the domestic staff. The office boys who are at raft attention always, like elite soldiers waiting for a marching order from their Commanding Officer. Want photocopies of a test paper? they’ll get it done before you realize it. Refreshments for the company executives? Aye Aye Captain!!! you name it and they’ll get the job done.

Are they thinking of something when they are furiously working away to provide better on time service? Are they thinking of the opportunities they were denied, maybe due to lack of education of their parents or the poor financial conditions which made them work for peanuts? Or even worse, of all those days that they wasted in bad company and never concentrated on learning and studying, which would have got them a decent job than this.  I don’t think we will be able to answer this question. Ever.

So a salute to all these humble men, who toil away providing the back end support with the strength of a Hercules. I am sure none of us will thank them for making this process that much better and managable. I am as guilty as the next person here.

Come to think of it, people always appreciate the Shamiyana (grand tent), but never give so much as a passing thought to the bamboo that supports it.



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