A farewell to MCIS…

Dear MCIS,

I never knew that a subject though arguably important enough to merit being one of the core subject of Second Year MBA syllabus, would be the subject of hatred among the entire batch of a college. We never found any interest in you, and I know you are aware of this fact. But as your character is that of knowledge and knowledge never cares what people’s attitude towards it is, nor does it care how people use it, I daresay you too just kept smiling at us and saying, ” Just bear with me a little more kids, and I’ll be out of your life forever.” So let me tell you it was a relief when i penned down the last letter of the answer paper, put a full-stop to it (pun intended) and just darted out of the exam hall. I never felt more free or weightless in my life…

But let me tell you, it’s not your fault as a subject of knowledge. The fact remains that when a subject needs to be taught, it is as effective as the person who delivers it and the medium through which it is conveyed to the learner. And though the professors had a degree of expertise in explaining your nuances, the medium was certainly the dullest, if not hopeless. So it turned out that we were more harassed by reading about you from a totally pathetic book. At the end of it all, 99% of the students had given up the ghost. I’m saying 99% because the rest 1% had labouriously read the entire syllabus ( the level of retention being questionable) as well as the MCQs and the short answers. Only time will tell how we fared, maybe you can have the last laugh then…

So long then… I am grateful whatever contribution you have made to our lives ( by whatever i mean the extent to which we have allowed you to) and I just pray that if the management and syllabus committee that it will atleast provide the next batches with some refreshing material that helps them grasp your essence (or escape by reading you and passing the exams) and not rely on the grotesque books that we had to put up with.

For all that you stand for, I remain

Ignorantly your’s



3 thoughts on “A farewell to MCIS…

  1. well; didnt know that u blog, and that too how often! it seems that i’d’v to start blogging now…and as far as MCIS goes, my sincere odes to the subject.

    its 0328hrs right now and i’v got my BS paper tomorrow morning. left the HBR case i was studying for reading this…and i couldn’t’ve drafted my emotions better than this…i’ve only got one word to say for this (and you’d be thinking “what for did u type for so long?” but didnt i just say; i think i need to start blogging too)…

    well, the word is “TOUCHE”!!!

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