To heaven and back….

Don’t worry, I wasn’t dead and definitely i haven’t been resurrected. I visited home for… funny thing isn’t it?? I “visited” home!!!… All the time you are at home you long to spread your wings and soar. “There is a big world out there and I want to explore it”, you tell yourself. And when you ARE actually out there, the best place for you to spend your holiday is home. You keep dreaming during traveling about what might have changed, you keep imagining the changed face of the city and your locality. Little things that never interested you now form the core ideas for discussions over tea and snacks. You want to know about the latest news of all your neighbours. Who’s doing what, who’s getting married all those things that were so routine and so mundane you never bothered to think over them or attach any significance to them.
The thing is, if you want to examine something, try to step out of that thing and then look at it from the outside in. Try not to be that thing and you’ll understand. The same analogy applies here. Leave home and you understand what it means to you. You visit magnificent places but still return to your 3 room humble dwellings and sleep the most peaceful sleep in a simple bed. Thats home for you.
You know, home is really the warmest place you’ll ever visit. There might be a day when you’ll go home to an empty house with nothing but memories. But those memories will infuse life in you, and give you a second wind to walk the rest of the way…



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