Of Gods, bridges and affidavits…

I think Lord Shri Ram must be very tired and frustrated by now. In Hindu religion, he has the honour of being the “Purushottam” or the Best of all men. His life was a message of how to live life ideally and with purpose. but those very teachings are lost now and what remains is his name as a weapon to gain browny points in a country which takes pride in religious divide. The recent farce played by the government and the ASI and their subsequent embarrassment at the hands of BJP is, in a word, sad. Not because of the humiliation or the victory but because the status of god in a spiritually leading country like ours has been reduced to this level. And there are some questions we need to ask here…


  1. What was the govt. thinking when it filed this affidavit? Didn’t it know how powerful an issue it would give the opposition to move in for the kill?
  2. Even if technically, the ASI is correct in its claims, but what about the sentiments of the masses? And was is really trying to say that an entity like God, whose existence in people’s prayers is simply because of faith, trust and belief, needs a scientific proof to exist? Who gave them the brains to come up with an argument in the first place?
  3. Whatever happened to diplomacy? Its ridiculously unbelievable that some of the greatest statesmen of our country fall short of words to convince others about the development and progressive aspects of their work and how religion and science can co-exist and compliment one another?

Will the govt. learn any lesson from this? I doubt. It has it’s hands full with a lot of issues on a lot of fronts and it has to come up with concrete decisions and act quickly. A lot depends on it. India needs such solid decisions if it wants to tread the path it has set its foot on and be a leader.



2 thoughts on “Of Gods, bridges and affidavits…

  1. Its just useless to battle over such issues! Why dig up things to hurt more sentiments?? A logical mind would agree and say it will indeed be a lot more convenient for the sake of progress. The religious and sentimental mind would say it’s a symbol..after all it’s all about belief and faith! But why don’t people think beyond their personal lives and beliefs? At this rate India will always fall one step short of real prosperity!

  2. This is the ‘secular’ politics of the worst kind.Ram was not the ‘harry potter’ and neither were Valmiki and Tulsi Dass ‘Rowiling’.I believe “Jo Ram Ka Nahin Woh Kaam Ka Nahin”.
    Prudent Indian.

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