I wish I could fly…

Writing after a long time… there is some thing on my mind and I’ll put it here as soon as its done. I wrote this poem a couple of days ago, thought about it when I was hitting the sack at 4 a.m… weird but true… I do tend to think clearly when my mind is hibernating 😉


I wish I could fly

I’d hold you gently, your feet over mine.

And we’d soar over this dingy world,

Into the serene darkness of the night,

Illuminated by a full moon.


And you’d hold me tightly, radiating warmth.

For you’d fear I’d let you go.

But deep inside you’d know,

I’d hold on to you more than life.


The silence could speak so much, you know,

And yet be disturbed, by the rhythm of our hearts

Beating in perfect unison.

And the sighs of my breath

Breaking on your cheek.


I could see that feeling in your eyes,

An unparalleled satisfaction, and perhaps

A mischievous twinkle so bright,

You’d be the envy of the brightest of stars.

And I would be just happy

To have you in my arms…


I wish I could fly.



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