Sunday, Rain and studies…

Its raining cats and dogs outside. I’m in a mood to have a hot cup of coffee and maggie noodles. I remember when i used to come from college, soaked to the bone and would just dry myself, go to the kitchen, chop an onion, a tomato, a capsicum and a green chilly and make a hot steaming dish of noodles, garnished with butter and grated cheese. Then all i had to do was just cuddle in a blanket on the couch and switch on a sports channel or read a novel, eating this perfect dish for the monsoon.


Its a sunday now, i’m feeling extremely lazy but have to submit a project tomorrow and my part is on transfer pricing of GM which is extremely difficult to search for on the net, the guy i was supposed to work with isn’t in the mood to show up so i have to conjure something up by 5 p.m. Its raining heavily so i cannot go to the canteen and have a cup of coffee.


The bomb blasts are not even 24 hours old. It was horrific and yet, in an unnatural way, calm out there. We were barely a km from ground zero but never heard a thing. The trafiic was as usual, with minimum security and no sign of panic or red alert. and yet it was devastating, to say the least. Strangely, there was a balnket of smog yesterday everywhere. The street lights throwing rays and highlighting the fog reminded me of the streets of Victorian London, brought to life so powerfully by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It WAS surreal…


Well the rain seems to have calmed down. Its a little more than a drizzle now, and i really need to keep the focus on finding about the topic at hand. There is less than an hour before i can complete this one and move on to the SCM case study…


Life sucks…




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