Coalition Politics…the thorn in India’s hide…

As the furore over the Indo-US nuclear agreement, also known as the 123 agreement, elevates to new levels, one thing is becoming painfully clear. The true power lies not with the man they call the Prime Minister, but any Tom, Dick and Harry regional party which has the clout to dictate terms just because its support is keeping the government from falling. The Left’s anti-US stand clearly defies all logic and is based on the vested interests of the opposing parties.


This deal is very important for us. Apart from the technicalities of the deal, which seem to favour India, experts feel that the important fact to be noted is that India is now moving in the upper echelons of global power. This, with the growing economy will bring a better future for us. We have a lot of ambitions like gaining entry into the International Security Council, being a global economic superpower etc. and this deal is vital for us to realize them. With this deal, India will be recognized as a responsible nuclear power without any track of proliferation and clandestine transfer of technologies to other countries.


Sadly, the NDA and Left don’t understand the ramifications if the government decides to back out of the deal (which seems highly unlikely). India will lose all the credibility and any nation entering into an agreement or pact with us will think 10 times before doing so. We will be looked upon as being a weak nation internally and hence will not be a key factor anymore in Asia’s stability. All these are long term impacts and will push us far behind.


What India needs right now is not a coalition but a single ruling party. This will ensure that important decisions like these are not dictated by regional powers who wake up at such moments to prove their dominance and nothing else. The unfortunate thing here is that India has been divided by these regional parties on the basis of caste, religion and class. And they know how to make use of these masses as vote banks.


What can the EC do about it? Well for starters, it can ban post-election alliances. It can lay down a rule that the alliances and supports must be submitted in writing to the EC at least a week before the election campaign starts. This will ensure that there are just 2 coalitions, if not single parties. Also the people get a clear idea as to who is in which camp. Incidents like the Nationalist Congress Party, whose sole aim of creation was opposition to Sonia Gandhi but joined the government to grab a piece of cake, will not be repeated.


India needs a leadership that is not boggled down by such blind protesters who themselves could never do something constructive but also cannot bear someone else doing something like this. It needs a poilitical structure that allows for quick decision making with fair amount of checks and balances and a constructive opposition.


But then, perhaps i dream too much…




4 thoughts on “Coalition Politics…the thorn in India’s hide…

  1. Its true that left parties are known for troubling ruling party. 1-2 yrs back they raised a issue of BABA RAMDEV that also creates a huge mess in parliament then merger of AI & IA; its ok these were internal issues now u are holding hand on international issues, if this will happen it will be great setback for INDIA and its status a author mentioned will surely hamper.
    another idea of by party system or EC option is also good one otherwise no international decision will finalized..
    Let me tell you another important point of this story is now Mr Manmohan SIngh our PM is in great trouble he don’t have any option- what to do?
    if he go for 123 agreement government will collapse and if he don’t then as he also know that it will worst decision for India than NDA government KARGIL decision……….

    I thought this deal is not a solution for energy utilization but a hurricane for Indian politics & economy..

  2. dear author, its really a dream because most of the time we indian only think about these issues with hot cup of tea or coffee. according to EC statistics only 55% population go for voting & after when final result announced that congress or BJP wins we all shocked that how it could be?
    If we are not going for voting then we dont have any right to ask such questions from politicans etc .
    But if u have voted then you have full right to ask why or why not..
    In UP (allahabad)last MP election, only 33% voting was and as result one criminal wons so if this will be the seen these left party or minority parties too will always dominate ruling party………

  3. well said my friend. The problem is, these political leaders know how to hypnotize people into thinking that what they are actually doing is good for the masses. This, with the low literacy rate and lower awareness levels plays into the hands of the politicians and as a result the constituencies are nothing but communal vote banks… so its up to the law makers to install proper checks and balances to see that as far as possible only the deserving candidates get to compete for the people’s mandate…

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