Dead Poets Society…

Perhaps the most extraordinary ability of movies is that they make us dream. They give us hope, that things can be better and that there is something called as “good” which prevails relentlessly, infinitely and undoubtedly. I recently watched “Dead Poets Society”, starring Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke. It is about a preparatory school, rigid in its ways of imparting knowledge and where Tradition, Honor, Commitment are the pillars of life. John Keating (Williams) is an English teacher who takes it upon himself to teach the boys how to think for themselves while their minds can still be molded.


To say that the film is a beautiful piece of art would be a gross understatement. It is powerful yet simple in its message and Robin Williams is scintillating. The elegance with which he plays the role of John Keating is a treat for any movie lover. You end up wishing you had more teachers like him. The students have also played their part very well and are an integral part of the movie.


Movies like this tell us to follow what the heart says, do what you like the most and find happiness in your work. I wonder if this is really possible in the world we are living today. We are trying to squeeze in 48 hrs in a day and derive more benefits in doing so. This leaves us no time to smell the roses, to say colloquially. We don’t think a lot about our heart’s desires and needs then. But movies like this make us do so, and we really become hopeful that perhaps one day, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to do what we really want to do and be satisfied like anything. It might be seeing a sapling planted grow into a tree or a business flourish. But we are again infused with hope, the adrenaline so vital for us to be alive.


The most amazing part of this movie was watching it in the solitude of my room late night, with a perfect veggie cheese sandwich to savour.



2 thoughts on “Dead Poets Society…

  1. Like you…I have also seen this movie recently. As u rightly said “do what you like the most and find happiness in your work.”. But also it tells about the conformity. And to be brave enough to do what you believe is right without fearing the result. Thats what Neil Perry did, he acted in Mid summers night’s dream. Thats what Knox Overstreet did by reading out the poem in front of Chrish. Also what Todd Anderson did to stand upon the desk. Even to some extent Charlie “Nuawanda” Dalton did (By receiving the call from GOD), even though his act is foolish enough.

    Good to read your blog. You are young now, so Carpe Diem 😉

  2. Being my favourite movie….the thing i learnt from it was to let one’s mind fess from apprehensions and let nature take its toll…
    we all have wonderful gifts from God…why hide them coz some one would mock or even shun us??
    it would be terrible to see a talent got waste…
    try and get the best of you out in the open and let the world see it….

    Aye Aye Captain!!

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