When ego is greater than g force…

The cat is finally out of the bag. The split between the two ace Mclaren drivers is clear and what is delightfully surprising is the way team principal ron Dennis has handled the problem. By sticking to the team policy of fairness and equality, he has made it clear that the services of current world champion Fernando alonso are not needed next year and that he should go nurse his bruised ego with some other team or alone, if he wants. Clearly Fernando is being a sore loser. The fact is Lewis Hamilton has outperformed everyone, including the sultans Kimi and Fernando and has taken the F1 community (teams, experts and fans) by storm. the sheer talent and driving skills of the rookie are maddening. And that he has outperformed Fernando consistently has not gone well with the champ and hence the rants and outbursts.


It’s not that Lewis Hamilton is that down-to-earth, honest-to-God driver who just goes about his business with nothing but goodwill for others. He too has an ego equal to that of Alonso’s and with his recent successes, maybe a tad more. This is clear from insider reports that Ron Dennis is pissed off with both but clearly Fernando is the black sheep here.


What does this spell for Ferrari? well, if this goes on, there are chances that both of them continue fighting and give Ferrari chances to capitalize on their mistakes. But at the same time, Ferrari should be well aware that it still doesnt have the performance of the silver arrow and the prancing horse lacks the reliability it once boasted of.


With just 6 odd races left, the chances are grim for the team from Maranello. But they sure will go down fighting. Fernando and Kimi for Ferrari next season??? that would be the mother of all combos… wait and watch




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