So sanju baba is finally behind bars….

In one of the most awaited verdicts in the history of Indian Judiciary system, the landmark case of the Mumbai bomb blast and the riots, Sanjay dutt was sentenced to 6 years of rigorous imprisonment. Half of the country went mad at this and cried sad tears to see their beloved “sanju baba” or “munna bhai” get punished. I mean how much does a person has to suffer in life? The poor soul has already been through heart breaking times and has to muster all the courage to get up again and keep walking. He is indeed the epitome of courage and a brave-heart when it comes to facing life. The media also has a lot of sympathies for him and seem to be taking up the case very personally. You guys agree, don’t you???


Yeah right!!! if justice is blind, then certainly justice was righteous in this case. We live in a country where celebrities and movie stars are demi-gods, it is their moral responsibility to act in a manner becoming of a movie star and be a leader in showing people what is the right thing to do. I don’t think Sanjay Dutt wasn’t aware of the consequences of keeping a weapon able of mass destruction unlawfully. Did someone just say he kept it for self defence? Please spare me the ignorant babble!!! who keeps a AK-56 in his house for self defence??? that’s way too absurd a statement to make and an irrational argument to put forth in a court of law, to say the least.


There was a beautiful argument put forward by a reader of Business Standard, he said that if you want to go lenient on crminals on grounds that they didn’t know exactly what they were doing, please reconsider the punishment given out to all the young children who are forced to embrace terrorism in the name of religion and holy wars. The fact is that they are promised that their families will be taken care of and are also brain washed into thinking that their path is the only correct path and their God is the only God. It is they who deserve a second chance, not these high profile celebrities who wash their dirty linen in public.


I wish the judges are also fair in delivering justice in the other high profile cases of Salman Khan, Sanjeev Nanda and all others who think law and order is just a pimp and that they can bed justice anytime they want.




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