McLaren escape the rap as Ferrari fume…

Well, the latest in the nail biting season of high speed thrills and espionage and betrayal is the aquittal of the Mclaren Mercedes team of charges of using stolen Ferrari designs. According to the WMSC, Mclaren have broken a rule by being in possession of confidential information of a competitior, but as there is insufficient evidence that they have used it to improperly affect the game, they are not guilty. Yeah right!!!! like if Pepsi were in possession ( accidental of not) of Coke’s formula, they wouldnt study it. Gimme a break!!! In a high stakes and cut throat competitive sport like F1, there is no room for ethics and sportsmanship. Michael Schumacher is a living example of this. And Ferrari breathe this philosophy. So please spare us the sermon on Mclaren being ethical and honest and the rest of it… It’s purely a technical thing that Mclaren are not banned from this season, and they should be wiping the sweat off their brows to have escaped by the skin of thier teeth.


Ferrari are crying foul over this. Yeah right!!! For a team that has the most clout in the game, and who have arm wrestled decisions in their favour, this is nothing but saying that the grapes are sour. Remember Indy a couple of years back? what Ferrari did was cheekly gain points on an empty race track. And what about the team orders in the Austrian GPs??? the point is that Ferrari also have been in the thick of things when it comes to extracting every last bit from the system. their dictionary certainly doesnt contain words like ‘honesty’, ‘sportsmanship’, ‘ethics’…


With just seven odd races to go, things are really heating up on and off the track. The best part is that the governing body has stated that it may call Mclaren if it finds subsequent proof that Mclaren have used the stolen confidential information. Lets see….


wait and watch. what else???




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