A fight on our hands…

We’ve got a real fight on our hands now. Looking at how the Monaco Grand Prix went, there is a seriousness in the McLaren camp like never before. And the way Hamilton is racing, it looks like the titans have been relegated to play second fiddle and he’s snatched center stage from them. Felipe Massa is quitely going about doing his job and staying in the hunt.

The latest controversy surrounding McLaren’s “team orders” is an interesting development. Now it remains to be seen what is the ouotcome and if they’re found guilty, what punishment will they face? If their points are docked, that gives Ferrari (us) a clear lead and i think we have the capability to capitalize on it. Now that Monte Carlo is behind us, which is traditionally our weak point, we can surge ahead in the next rounds if McLaren fall behind in the points race.

One thing is for sure though. Lewis Hamilton has a hunger to win and i guess he has the same fierce competitive spirit that Schumi had. I really hope i’m able to follow the entire season without any hinderences. This is gonna be one of the closest seasons F1 has ever witnessed. And it wont be just a 2 man race.


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