Unsung Heroes…

Some days ago, i was walking from a restaurant back to my office. It was around 11 pm and the roads were empty except for cars hurrying home. And there i saw a father and son sleeping on the footpath by the road side. The son was fast asleep by the looks of it, and the father was craning his neck to see the street light directly behind his head.

I was struck with that sight. I cannot express my thoughts in simple words. I penned them down in a small poem. It was a sight i’ll always remember and Thank God for all that He has done for me…




On the sidewalk, by the road,
I saw a father and son sleeping.
The man looked on at the glowing lights,
His eyes in silence, weeping.


What was he thinking, this father?
Will my son be any better?
Will he get a better bed to sleep?
Will the heights he scales be greater?


The son was fast asleep, oblivious,
To the world hurrying home around him.
And all the dreams he was dreaming,
No streetlight could ever dim.


What was he dreaming, this little child?
Of better days ahead?
Of school and play and no work?
And at night, a softer bed?


These are unsung heroes for me,
Who never seek greatness.
Who only live for the moment,
In pursuit of Happiness.


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