about tBits…

Let me share my experience at Transbit Technologies as an intern.

Being a fresher, i wanted to do some solid work in my internship to leverage it in my final interview. Ritesh and Sandeep, the directors at Transbit, promised me that and gave me the chance to work ‘with’ them, not ‘for’ them..mind you!!! And i dont regret it.

The time here was one helluva ride!!! what with Sandeep’s anecdotes of IIT Roorkee or Ritesh’s finance and marketing lessons… or the funny incidents we had at client meetings…it was pure exhilarating fun. And we got to work with some good people for clients…

What do we sell? well the name of the product is tBits. Its an Enterprise wide Issue Tracking and Workflow Management System that lets you track your issues, projects, exceptions while communicating in a managed way. It whole idea is to achieve transparency and accountability in the organization. You can integrate your customers and voila! it doubles up as a Customer Relationship Management System also…where you can track and solve any problems or suggestions or after sales service requests from the customer side…and keep them in  the loop too!!!

The whole system works like this. At the topmost level, you have something called as the Business Area (B.A.) , which is nothing but the departments or project teams your organization is divided into. In each B.A., your requests (or issues, or complaints, questions, grievances, suggestions etc. ) are categorized into 4 filters for better searching power. these filters are category, request type, status and severity. Let me explain them…

Category : it can be the name of a project, or an activity (like recruitment in H.R. B.A. and  XYZ site for project management).

Request type: It is a subcategory of a request. (like technical recruitment in case of H.R.)

Status: Every request will pass through various stages when it is being worked upon. so when work is being done, the request is in ‘Active’ status or when it is completed, the status is ‘Closed’.

Severity: using this filter you can set the priority of the request like ‘Critical’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’ ….

The striking features of tBits are:

  1. tBits is completely flexible and customizable to your organizational needs.
  2. You can create all your business rules.
  3. add attachments of any size and format and also search in all the text based attachments.
  4. you can also integrate it with your email server and receive email notifications for every request you are a part of.
  5. you can escalate issues and also send scheduled notification.
  6. generate reports and do analysis (very useful for performance evaluation and appraisal)…

There is a lot to explore in tBits…  and its addictive..let me tell you that!!!

It has been an unforgettable experience working here. And i’ve had the privilege of working with people who are wizards of their crafts…

I only hope to reach that level…

and may God give me health, i’ll do my best to reach that level…



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