The truth behind the Customer Relationship in India…

We may have progressed as a services economy in recent years, thanks to the I.T., B.P.O and K.P.O sector as well as other service industries like Aviation and Cellular telephony, but when it comes to actually serving the customers, the ground reality is very different. There are plenty of experiences my friends and I have had to support this argument. Just today I had gone to my cellular service provider’s office and I was shocked to see a large crowd of customers waiting there with only 3 customer service executives on their desks out of the 10 desks present. The manager’s cabin was empty and there was an irate customer who wanted to give an application but was not able to meet the manager.

When i came to office, i found my colleague having a horrible time explaining an executive over the phone about how she was given some completely different information over the phone and that she was being charged for her cell bill on some other plan. She was really frustrated at the lack of proper communication skills of the executives talking to her and the misinformation being conveyed.

There are may such incidents which do tell that when it comes to really serving people, we have a lot to learn. The crux of any services company lies in customer satisfaction. And that is possible only it is really committed to serve people, and not just ‘provide’ a service.



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